Knit PLUS 4000

Knit PLUS 4000

Matrix Control

Productivity, Traceability & Compliance

Knit Plus 4000

Matrix Knit PLUS 4000 System – Our HMI serves as a bridge between the operator and the complex operations of the knitting machine, allowing the operator to control, monitor, and manage the knitting process effectively. Here’s an overview  of  few of the functionalities embedded in our HMIs :

User-Friendly Interface

Our HMI is designed with a user-friendly layout and intuitive navigation. Operators with varying levels of technical expertise should be able to interact with the knitting machine without extensive training.

Defect Scanning

If equipped, our HMI integrates with our proprietary range of fabric scanners to identify defects in the knitted fabric as it is being produced. Our scanners help identify and correct fabric issues early in the process by stopping the machine.

Operator Authentication

Our HMI encompasses security measures that ensures only assigned personnel can access and interact with the HMI interface. This authentication process helps protect sensitive data, critical processes, and system configurations from unauthorized access or tampering.


Our HMI integrates seamlessly with our proprietary software to provide near real-time visibility into the knitting machine. It allows supervisors to monitor the machine’s status, efficiency, and production.

Client-Server Protocol

Client-server communication between our HMI and software plays a central role in industrial automation, enabling seamless communication and data transfer between our machines and software. Industry 4.0 solution for machines.

Remote Firmware Updates

Our HMI enable updating the firmware of an HMI over the network without physically accessing the device. This capability offers several advantages, such as ensuring security patches, bug fixes, and new features can be easily deployed to HMIs in various locations.

Yarn Measurement

If equipped, our HMI integrates with our proprietary yarn rate transducer to monitor yarn rate to ensure the fabric being produced is up to spec with consistent quality.

Defect Logging

The operator can use the HMI to input commands and set parameters for the knitting machine. These input commands are defined as ‘declarations’ to log defects, which are human defined to accurately identify machine status and issues.