TexCheck Electronic Thread Counter

Electronic Thread Counter

Matrix’s TEXCheck Electronic Thread Counter is a highly precise and affordable portable instrument that counts and displays the total events (thread count, yarn count, wire count…) in ten inches of fabric/material.

The TEXCheck is ideal for quality control, ensuring the integrity of production throughout, and instrumental for developmental purposes of new products. With defective product reduced, leading to on-time deliveries and improved fabric quality, increased customer satisfaction can be expected. With defective product reduced, material waste reductions and increased plant efficiency, savings and profits will rise. With the additions of developmental deadlines shortened, and better designs, the TEXCheck offers rapid returns on investment.

TexCheck Electronic Thread CounterEngineers designed the instrument to count stationary fabric, and then took applications one step further to moving fabric on a loom. The TEXCheck is ideal for the laboratory, office production stations, weave rooms, and finishing plants. It will count greige or finished fabrics, as well as completed garments. It will count most styles of knitted and woven fabric, and will count picks, filings, weft, courses, warps, ends, or wales.

Stationary counting has also been utilized outside of textiles, on such products as airbags, seatbelts, fiberglass roofing, screening and technical fabrics such as Kevlar.

With the elimination of time consuming and inaccurate manual counting techniques, comes accuracies to one-tenth of a thread. Maintenance free, minimal calibration, adaptable and fast, completes the TEXCheck description.

For further product overview, technical specifications and applications, register here for the TEXCheck Manual

The following companies have seen rapid return on investment and dramatic savings/increased profits over the past 50 years:

* Alstyle Apparel
* Antex Knitting
* Anvil Knitwear
* Caracol Knits
* Danube Knit Fashions
* Delta Apparel
* Dominican Knits
* Duraflex
* Fruit of the Loom
* Gilden Activewear
* Hanesbrands Inc
* Hilmex
* Jockey International
* Main Knitting
* Milliken & Co.
* Monarch Machinery
* Narricot Industries
* Polartec Inc
* Russell Corp.
* Texollini Inc
* Ultratex Inc
* Vanguard Supreme
* Yazbek