Batch Control and Food Traceability

Imagine a food and formula batch control system that allows you to trace and track ingredient and final product, reduce ingredient loss and bad batches, while accruing true inventory deductions. And imagine accomplishing this all at the same time, while controlling the recipe, operators, combined with an "ERP Integration Service"... Read more »

Formula Control, Lot Tracking with ERP/Accounting Integration

Vantage Batch/Track Advantage(s)

  • Reductions Ingredient Loss - to 95%
  • Built in ERP Integration Service
  • Near Elimination - Operator Errors
  • Near 100% Conformance to Recipe
  • Backed by 10 Software Developers
  • 25+ Yrs. Batch and Track Experience
  • Manual Tracking Eliminated
  • Lowered Auditing Costs
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Textiles and Hosiery

The Matrix Knit Monitoring System, MKMS, in addition to defect scanning and controlled yarn rate monitoring, allows real time displays of machine efficiencies across the entire plant floor. To learn more about the Matrix Knit Monitoring System (MKMS), Read More » »

MKMS Slideshow

MKMS Advantages

  • Defect Scan-Save $2,000/mach./yr.
  • Yarn Monitor- $2,500/mach./yr.
  • Downtime-$1,500/mach./yr.
  • Machine Stats-18 Variable Reports
  • Machine Stats-18 Variable Reports
  • Piece/Shift Data-5 Variable Reports
  • Infrared Self/Clean Scan-7 Fiber types

Sewn Products

Matrix’s SewQuest allows data collection sub-systems to record work in process, perform preventive maintenance via repair histories, improve quality of product and control, and operator efficiency, and provides accounting of attendance and hours paid. Read more today about SewQuest .Read More about SewQuest » »

Matrix SewQuest

SewQuest Advantages

  • Shop Floor Control - Subsystems
  • Collection Transactions & Hardware
  • Time & Attendance & WIP Tracking
  • Machine Repairs & Quality Control
  • Status by Cut/Bundle/Subassembly
  • Earnings, Efficiency, Shift Change
  • Split/Change/Divide Bundles
  • Retroactive Clock-in/Clock-out
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Matrix’s GarmentQuest provides separate, yet totally integrated modules for Production, Production Design Management (PDM), Forecasting and Inventory, Warehousing, Order Processing, Allocation and Sales, Shipping, Accounting, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and System Administration. Read More about GarmentQuest » »

Matrix Garmen Quest

The GarmentQuest Advantage(s)

  • User defined Design Options
  • Material and Trim Tracking
  • Accurate Inventory - Reduced Op. Costs
  • Auto Routing via Shop-to-Masters
  • Optimized Procure-to-Pay Process
  • Fexible EDI for Partner Shifts
  • Catalog/Retail Sales Processing
  • Multiple Formats and Layout Options
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  • Food, Baking & Batching

    Food, Baking &

  • Textiles & Hosiery

    & Hosiery

  • Sewn Products


  • Apparel Garment


Matrix Controls: Process Manufacturing Technology

Consider the treatment Matrix Controls installs into your manufacturing facility equivalent to the care a physician instills into the health of their patient. The professional’s concerns are towards life extension with increased quality of life, all led by improvements in productivity. The process begins with a check-up; history and symptoms reviewed. Tests are ordered, results obtained, and troubleshooting begins. With the evaluation complete, a diagnosis is made, and treatment plan implemented, which includes: recovering from illness, improving ones health, and preventive measures against costly relapse.

Goals: Increased Quality and Productivity, Time Saved, Costs Reduced, and all Done Safely.

In Matrix Terminology: Quality of Life becomes Quality of Product, Production and Management. With Gantt-Based Scheduling we can align your labor force and machinery. With complete Production Logistic Control Systems we will provide ingredient and batch tracking on the plant floor. We will reduce production downtime with Preventive Maintenance modules, while utilizing Artificial Intelligence to diagnose and allow accelerated repairs. Our Warehouse Management System incorporates (ASN) Advance Shipment Notification and (RF) Radio Frequency Scanning. With ERP integration capabilities, Matrix can defect scan and quality monitor entire operations, while allowing Internet broadcasting. Dashboard Management will outdo the competition via powerful and rapid intelligence.

Data review and analysis will not only be historical and current, but future possibilities become automatic. And this is just the start!

Goals: Increased Quality and Productivity, Time Saved, Costs Reduced, and all Done Safely.